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Decorative Concrete

Fargo, ND Decorative Concrete - Structural Materials, Inc.

Vibrant Color and Style

Whether your clients wants exposed aggregate, or integral color, you'll be able to provide the style they want.

Top Quality

Solomon Colors.

WR Meadows.

The best product lines for the diverse styles that every client is after.

Concrete Coloring

  • Concrete Coloring Systems

    • Integral colors are added directly to the ready mix truck, and product a "color through".

  • Concrete Stain

    • Concrete stains can be used on new concrete (cured a minimum of 30 days) as well as on existing concrete. Use it over an integral color, dry shake color hardener, colored release agent or a clean liquid release.

  • Colored Release

    • Solomon Colors Colored Release is used when stamping fresh concrete surfaces. The release is designed to create a lubricant and release.​

  • Concrete Methods

    • Full line of architectural concrete overlays, stamping tools and speciality products.

  • Indoor/Outdoor/Hodor

    • Interior flooring, as well as exterior flooring, custom products for your solutions.

Surface Retarders

  • Top Stop

    • Spray Applied, water-soluble surface retarder designed to slow the set of surface motor in concrete to expose aggregate.

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