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Fargo, ND  Helix Micro Rebar - Structural Materials, Inc.

Benefits of Helix Micro Rebar

Helix Steel Australasia Pty Ltd is fortunate to have the opportunity to market this cutting edge alternative to conventional steel reinforcement in our part of the world. We are excited to share the benefits of a stronger, faster, easier and cheaper reinforcement system with our customers whilst significantly reducing their construction carbon footprint. Helix Micro Rebar has undergone extensive laboratory and field-testing with more than 10,000 tests performed over ten years.

Designed for Concrete Strength

Helix™ is high performance, optimised steel for use in the reinforcement of concrete. Helix Micro Rebar is short, twisted and polygonal shaped wires that are added to concrete during mixing. The shape and the twist maximise both the frictional and mechanical bonds between Helix Micro Rebar and a cement based matrix. The twist drives the failure mechanism from frictional pullout to a torsional, or untwisting, mode. The result is a radical increase in performance levels not possible before.

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