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Fargo, ND Sealants / Fire Stopping - Structural Materials, Inc.

Keep Flames at Bay

Protect your client’s property from water or fire with sealants and fire stopping products from Structural Materials, Inc.


You can limit the damage fire can do by installing 3M fire-stopping products. Find a full selection of fire caulk, wrap strips and restriction collars, fire dam spray and more.


Conversely, you can also prevent water damage to your structural joints with a variety of high-performing sealants, adhesives and backrod foam. Protect your transverse contraction and expansion joints, longitudinal, center line and shoulder joints.


You can trust our product specialists. Bring us your emergency orders. Our product specialists have several years of experience in matching our products to your project needs.

Flame Stopping Products

  • CP25WB Fire Caulk - No-sag, non-halogen formula; fast-drying tack-free in approximately 10-15 minutes, paintable. Up to 4 hours of fire protection

  • Wrap Strips & Restriction Collars - Intumescent wraps/strips which are used to fire stop pipe and cable penetrations through fire-rated construction

  • Fire Dam Spray - Max. 1" bottom of wall joint, 1- or 2-hour U400 Series (steel studs) gypsum walls, mineral wool and FireDam Spray 100. Also referred as BWS0008

  • Plastic Pipe Device - To fire stop a 1 1/2" – 6” non-metallic pipe. One-piece metal collar assembly encasing 3M's heat expanding Ultra GS, used for new and retrofit installations to achieve up to 3-hour fire ratings

  • Composite Sheets - Intumescent sheets which are used to fire stop large openings in fire-rated construction, created by cables and pipes

Back Rod Foam

  • Soft Backer Rod - A reticulated closed-cell polyethylene foam joint-filler and back for sealants.

W.R. Meadows (

  • Cera Rod - Round, flexible, continuous-length, non-absorbent, non-gassing, non-staining and non-shrinking material extruded from a cross-linked polyethylene. Compression/deflection is approximately 8 psi ( 55.2 KPa ) at 25% deflection

Backer Rod MFG.

  • Denver Foam - Open-cell polyurethane backer rod serving as a backing for elastomeric and other applied caulking sealants


  • Soft Backer Rod - A reticulated closed-cell polyethylene foam joint-filler and back for sealants.

Silicone Sealant

Call Structural Materials, Inc. today at 701-282-7100 for all of your Sealant and Fire Stopping needs.

Sealants / Fire Stopping

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