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Staple Wasp - Structural Materials, Inc.

Erosion Stapling Perfected

A new gun to change the way staples are used in erosion control.


Done so with the thought of making the process faster, more efficient, easier on the user, and to avoid jamming and mechanical complication in the field.

  • Dimensions of the gun:
    2.5 thick x 12 wide x 32 long

  • Weight of the gun: 11 lbs.

  • Staple magazine capacity: 1 clip or 50 staples

  • Material used: Aluminum and Hardened Steel

  • Dimensions of the staples: 6” x 1”

  • Gauge of steel: 13 gauge steel

  • # per clip: 50

  • # per box: 1000

  • Weight per box: 25#

Durability Testing
Staple Wasp In Action

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Staple Wasp

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