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Solidify Your Work With The Right Finish

When you need the right chemical assist to complete your construction project, call Structural Materials, Inc.


Your finishes will dry as smoothly as you installed them with our selection of cures, sealers and hardeners.


You’ll find the epoxies, powders and bonding agents you need to patch, repair or apply your mortar, or to hold your concrete construction or masonry together. Get the form oil you need to ensure your concrete forms will be easily released once your concrete has set. Get the sealants, epoxies and thermal moisture products you need to keep water from corroding your joints, masonry, concrete or tile work.


You can get a full range of cleaners to remove every kind of stain that mars your client’s concrete, brickwork or tile.

Put Your Seal On Your Projects


  • Water-based, acrylic-based, wax-based for acrylic and concrete, indoor, outdoor, horizontal or vertical surfaces


  • 1-, 2- and 3-component adhesives, grout/patch, bonding chemicals. Water proofing joint fillers and coatings


  • 1-, 2- and 3-component powders for water-proofing concrete and masonry and leveling deteriorating floors


  • Cleaners for brick, tile, concrete, porous masonry and wood. Biodegradable degreaser. Metallic stain removers

Form Oil 

  • Duogard Citrus, or for standard, architectural or precast concrete.

Bonding Agents

  • Acrylic-polymer emulsions, non-redispersible liquid bonding admixtures, re-dispersible liquid bonding agents

Sealants / Fire Stopping 

  • Fire caulk, wrap strips, fire dam spray. Sealants, adhesives and backer rod foam for expansion joints and more

Thermal / Moisture Protection 

  • Liquid waterproofing membranes, damp-proofing decorative coatings, above- and below-grade compounds, green products


You won’t have to guess which product you need. Our product specialists will match the right product to your project at the right price. Plus, they’re happy to take your emergency order.

Call Structural Materials, Inc. today at 701-282-7100 to find the chemicals you need!

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