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    Fargo, ND Masonry - Structural Materials, Inc.


    Masonry Cleaners

    • Blok-Gard & Graffiti Control

      • Clear, solvent-based silicone elastomer formulated to weatherproof concrete block and other porous masonry materials

    • Sure Klean 600 

      • General purpose, concentrated acidic cleaner for brick, tile and concrete surfaces

    • Vanatrol 

      • Concentrated acidic cleaner for new masonry surfaces that are subject to vanadium, manganese and other metallic stains

    • Burnished Custom Masonry Cleaner

      • Removes common construction and atmospheric staining from custom masonry and other architectural concrete surfaces

    • Custom Masonry Cleaner 

      • Clear, solvent-based silicone elastomer formulated to weatherproof custom masonry units, cast stone, architectural concrete block, precast concrete, wood and porous masonry without altering the natural appearance

    Masonry Accessories

    • Dur-O-Wal

    • Hohmann Barnard

    • Mortar Net

      • Eliminates weep hole blockage from mortar droppings and ensures water that enters the wall will be directed to the weep holes.

    • Advanced Building Products

      • Moist Seal - 20 or 30 mil. An excellent waterproofing membrane. It will show no cracking or flaking when bent through 180 degrees over a 1/32" mandrel and then bent at the same point over the same size mandrel in the opposite direction through 360 degrees

      • Cop-R-Kraft - A full copper sheet weighing 1, 2 or 3 oz. per square foot bonded to a layer of waterproofed, creped kraft paper with a plasticized asphalt compound

    • WR Meadows

      • Air Shield air/vapor barrier - Ideal for numerous concealed flashing applications including parapet, through-wall at-the-roof, head, window sill, through-wall at-the-floor, spandrel, doorjamb and frame, foundation and expansion joint. In addition, it is used to protect seams around windows, doors, construction joints and penetrations, etc.

      • Termination Bar - High strength, plastic strip designed to support vertical membrane systems at their termination point

    Glass Block

    • Weck

    Rigid Insulation

    • Dow Styrofoam

    • Dow Thermax

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