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Your First Line of Defense - Drainage

Nothing can undermine a building like water, so keep your client’s property safe and dry with high-performing drainage products from Structural Materials, Inc.

Drainage Products to Choose From:


  • SRW

  • Form-A-Drain

    • ​Form-A-Drain Footing System - A complete, permanently-installed system for forming footings, drains foundations and provides a sub-slab perimeter radon evacuation system.

  • Neenah

    • ​Neenah Grate System - Grates for trench drains frames, grates and covers for manholes

  • EJ

    • ​Grate System - Grates for trench drains frames, grates and covers for manholes

  • WR Meadows

    • ​Mel-Drain 5012 - Dimple raised, molded polystyrene sheet bonded to high strength polypropylene fabric. This geo-composite allows the passage of moisture through the fabric while preventing fine soils from entering the drainage channel

  • Prinsco

    • Drain Tile - Acessories pipe with or without knitted polyester sock wrap. Sizes: 4” dia. X 250’ long, 6” dia. x 100’ long

    • Drain Guard

    • Drain Tube with Filter Sock

  • ACO

    • ​Aco Trench Drain Systems - System consists of pre-cast channels manufactured from either corrosion resistant polymer concrete or fiberglass, together with grates from a variety of materials for all loading uses. Accessories may include: catch basins, oil/water separators and a variety of drain options.

You’ll find everything you need to construct or install drainage trenches, footing systems, grates, manhole covers and more. You’ll find systems from Form-A-Drain, Neenah, WR Meadows and other top manufacturers.

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Call Structural Materials Inc today at 701-282-7100 to discuss your clients drainage systems!

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